To ensure 100% quality service, and to satisfy our customers, each item going through the shipping process is fully checked to make sure the merchandise is in good working condition. However, we know mistakes can happen, so we have created a return policy to cover such occurrences. Packages must be opened immediately after delivery and tested to ensure everything is working correctly. Every order placed on our website means you agree 100% to the following

Terms and Conditions:

ALL SALES ARE FINAL after 30 days from shipment date.

Returns: If not satisfied with the merchandise within the first 7 days of delivery, contact us by phone or by e-mail, and ask to process a return. After approval by our returns department we will contact you and authorize the return process. Merchandise must be returned in the original shipping condition. All shipping charges will be on the buyer's expense pre-paid, no collect shipping allowed.

We will need to receive the returned item(s) before we can send out replacements. When the merchandise arrives in good condition, a 75% refund will be issued for the merchandise. Deductions will be as follows: - 25% restocking fee to cover our handling expenses (shipping materials, custom made box, packaging labor); shipping fees is not refunded. Failure to meet any of these requirements will result in no refund.

Incorrect Merchandise: will be replaced, if the customer contacts us within 7 days of delivery. When contacting us, we will need information like the original order number, and the original item number ordered. If the item(s) returned winds up being the right merchandise, the customer will be charged for the item plus all the shipping charges for both the first and second shipments.

Damaged merchandise by delivery: will be replaced if the customer contacts us within 12 days of delivery. We will ask for more information, such as the order ID, the actual problem with the merchandise, etc. Many times, the products are not operated correctly, and our customer service reps will be able to locate and "solve" the problem. If the product is evaluated as damaged on delivery, we will file a claim with the shipping company, and the customer will provide access to the damaged merchandise (in case the shipping company requires inspection). We will send any replacement parts if necessary and the problem can easily be fixed, or a brand new product. If failed to notify within 12 days from delivery, we are not obligated to file any claims and/or to send any replacement parts. We will however, send the customer a claim form + copy of the invoice to file the claim themselves.

Defective merchandise: will be handled if the customer contacts us within no later than 30 days from date of shipment, we will need information like the original order number and the original item number and details of what is defective with the merchandise, etc. After evaluating the problem, we will send any mechanical replacement parts (if necessary) or a brand new item. This 30 day warranty period is from the date of shipment. The warranty does not apply to any item where damage has been caused by product modification or misuse by consumer.