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Vape Atomizers

The atomizer is perhaps the most critical element of a vaporizer. It serves the purpose of turning an e-liquid into vapor. There are rda/rba and rta units that allow the vaper to rebuild the atomizer with his or her own preferred coil architecture, and there are simpler devices like a vape pen atomizer, which is found on many basic e-cigs and vaporizers.

The rebuildable tank atomizer and rebuildable dripping atomizer are often preferred by those who like to sub-ohm. Sub-ohm vaping involves vaping at resistances of less than one ohm and delivers massive vapor volume and intense flavor. An example of this type of atomizer is the Doge V2 RDA. An RDA drips e-liquid directly onto the coils for a bolder vaping experience. The Kanger TopTank Nano Atomizer is a tank atomizer that only requires coil replacement. Typically, the coils in an atomizer will last two to three weeks depending on how often one vapes.