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eGo Usb Charger

eGo Usb Charger

Brand: V4L
Product Code: eGoUCH
Availability: In Stock
Price: $3.99


Our eGo USB charger is specially designed to properly and safely charge your batteries to continue your vaping journey with fully charged and functional batteries! With an Input Voltage of 5 Volts and an Output Voltage of 4.2 Volts this USB charger is specific to eGo batteries. To use simply screw your battery into the charger and then insert the USB plug into you computers USB port or into your home/office electrical socket via a eGo wall adaptor. Once your battery is charging the USB charger's light will turn Red. Once the battery is fully charged the light will turn Green. Remove your battery from the charger as soon as the Green light appear to prevent overcharging your battery!

Over charging your battery can result in serious, irreparable damage to your battery. Always charge you battery 1-4 hours at a time and remove the battery from the charger as soon as the USB charger indicates the battery has charged fully.

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